Johnny and Vinny have worked together in various guises for nearly 20 years and it shows!

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With so many years of vocal experience, (both together and individually), ‘The Swingin’ Martinis’ find joy in the perfect harmony.
Whether belting out the big tunes or delivering a laid back crooning classic, ‘The Swingin’ Martinis’ feel perfectly at home in just about any vocal situation.

Song-list may include:- Sway, Fly me to the moon, That’s Amore, Save the last dance for me, Summer Wind, That’s Life, Copa Cabana, Beyond The Sea, New York, New York, Viva Las Vegas, Delilah, Love & Marriage, I go to Rio,
Makin’ Whoopee, Big Spender, I get a kick out of you etc.

The Swingin’ Martinis can customize their song-list to suit the audiences demographic, perhaps even starting the set as a standard show before introducing more up-tempo songs from different eras.

Note:- ‘The Swingin’ Martins’ also have a Rock n Roll show,
a 60’s show, an 80’s show and a Country show!
As the song suggests: ‘Anything Goes’!!!